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Learning from a Master

Dawn, John Garey and Patricia McGregor Denver July 2019
Dawn, John Garey and Patricia McGregor

As a Pilates professional, I love the chance to learn from master instructors like John Garey. I recently traveled to Denver to take several continuing education classes in the Stott Pilates method from him. His wealth of experience adds another dimension to his teaching.

This getaway trip (thanks Move Studios owner Lindsey Hanahan for hosting the classes) helps me hone my skills and keep my Stott Pilates certification up to date. And John is an intense, hands-on instructor. I was sore for days from the three classes I took.

The first class, Elastic Pilates, explored how Pilates is like elastic – it promotes the properties of being flexible, strong, balanced and fluid. We used resistance bands, balls and the fitness circle to add variety and challenge to any workout. Many of you already use these items in your own workout, and I’ll be incorporating them even more into my sessions.

The next class focused on fun and creative new Reformer exercises to get a complete, head-to-toe workout. If you’re a student, you know I recently got a new accessory for the Reformer to challenge you, too. More about that next month.

Butterfly Pavilion July 2019
The Butterfly Pavilion

The final class of the weekend highlighted how Pilates can highlight and correct body imbalances. With exercises ranging from beginning to advanced, this class gave me some great ideas for my own practice and to incorporate into my sessions with students.

And because all exercise and no play makes Dawn a dull woman, we also took some time to visit the Butterfly Pavilion near Boulder. Why? Do you know me? Butterflies.

The butterflies were simply too elusive to capture, so enjoy these photos of the beautiful flowers in Boulder.




A Little Bit Of History About Me”

During a career crisis about fifteen years ago, Pilates chose me!  Pilates chose me through a kindred spirit of mine.  My friend suggested I become a Pilates instructor at a time in my life where I was truly struggling with what to do with my life in terms of livelihood, and contributing to society. My dear friend could see how this career would be perfect for me.  It allows me to teach, which is an innate desire of mine. It allows me to help others which is very important to me and it does these things while I can express myself Kinesthetically. It was a perfect fit, that I hadn’t even considered.  That’s why I say, “Pilates chose me!” And I am so happy it did!  And I am eternally grateful to my friend for guiding me to choose this path.

“Stay Strong And Pilates On!”

-Dawn Rodriguez