Mariposa Pilates is a welcoming, Studio entrancepeaceful studio drenched with light, located on the south side of Santa Fe.

We specialize in private, personal Pilates sessions focusing on an individual’s personal concerns and challenges, using a professional Pilates Reformer machine. The Reformer is an impressive, elegant machine. It uses the body as resistance by incorporating springs and pulleys while doing finely tuned exercises.  It helps to develop core strength, flexibility, healthy posture and body awareness.

Mariposa Pilates is a relaxing, quiet space to take time out for oneself to focus on one’s body, mind and spirit.

Imagine a private, elegant space filled with light to spend time on your body, building strength and stamina.  You’ll leave feeling energized and refreshed.

What is Pilates?

polar bearThere are many benefits to participating in a Pilates fitness routine. Pilates is a great way to nurture our bodies – a holistic approach to keeping our bodies strong and fully functioning.

Pilates encourages healthy posture, flexibility of the mind and body, stamina, endurance, stability and full body mobility, including core strength. It also teaches us to manage gravity more effectively. A flexible spine and a flexible mind complement one another.

Pilates is therapeutic, rejuvenating, energizing and wonderful for anyone from post-rehab to the professional athlete.

If you’re a Santa Fe resident, schedule your introductory personal Pilates Reformer session today!

Every “body” loves Pilates!